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Event begins Sunday - May 29 - 2PM (PT)

Roy Huggins:
Celebration of Life & Memorial

Program Begins at 31:06
Listen to our event playlist: Spotify
A note from Roy's wife Electra:

Roy touched lives deeply, instantly. He was like a warm, gentle gravity well. If you were our best friends talking to him up to minutes before his death, or you knew him years ago in high school--or undergrad or grad school or Japan or on the ORCA board--if you so much as took a 30 minute Facebook Live course from him, he touched your life, and you felt how special he was, and how great a loss this is from the world. Even in the sense of opening up the Platonic feelings of “too soon” and “why the good ones?” and “can be so sudden”.

You have my absolute permission to grieve him.  He shaped lives and changed trajectories across continents and oceans. He was momentous. His heart warmed entire buildings. Please share him with me.

-- Electra Allenton

Event Amendities

Please eat beforehand and/or bring a snack!

Unfortunately, Electra does not have the spoons to reserve a bank of rooms or provide food at the event, but...

Here is a list of Downtown Portland recommendations:


Hotel Lucia

Hotel Zags

Embassy Suites



Benson Hotel

Hotel DeLuxe


Bidwell Marriott


And there is, of course, AirBnb, VRBO, etc.

 And some common grocery stores with deli sections and a number of locations + info for if you're not from the PNW:

Grocery Chains:


Fred Meyer

Trader Joe's

Whole Foods

Local Grocers:

New Seasons (a local version of Whole Foods)
Food Front (health food co-op)
World Foods (boutique, ethnic, import)

Big Box Stores:


And plenty of convenience stores including

the local chain Plaid Pantry

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