There is a story in every cause.



As a nonprofit, your passion is your cause. You work tirelessly to implement your mission so that you can make an impact in people’s lives. Fundamental to your success is being able to use available resources to communicate your message to as many people as possible. Video is generally considered the most effective way to reach a wide audience in an emotional way. To do it right, however, is expensive and requires expertise.

We too have a passion. We have combined talented filmmakers and media creatives with a cause-driven philosophy. Our mission is to offer professional video production to nonprofit organizations such as yours at a price you can afford.



We are a full service live event audiovisual and media production company. Our name, The AV Department, is a brand promise to our clients that we will be an integrated member of their team and a valued extension of their organization. We do this by being a willing partner in the customer experience. We understand our clients want to work with a company that is focused on partnership, service driven, and easy to do business with -- a company that understands their clients' needs.


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